-Bahulogic or BDS provides services in Environmental Health consulting, Health inspectors Training for REHS license, and Continuing Education credits for California state Health Inspector licenses.

-Bahulogic offers well trained and experienced professionals in Medical Registries including Nuclear Medicine professionals for hospitals or Imaging Centers, Mobile Molecular Imaging for myocardial studies-Rest and Stress studies, Liver/spleen, thyroid uptake, perfusion and ventilation, bone scan for Cancer or bone diseases, WBC indium or Ceretec WBC.

-Our Nursing staff covers intensive care such as surgery, labor and delivery, ICU, emergency units, and other medical units. If you have any question, please contact us through email, chat, or by calling the office. The experience and trainings of our Nuclear Medicine professionals as Registry include the practical knowledge and long terms uses of modalities such as GE, E-CAM, ADAC, DIGIRAD, and others. Thanks for visiting our website and if you have any comment, please chat with our staff or call us for more details. Thanks


Bahulogic, Inc (BDS)

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Office Ph: 714-729-40-32